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Help with building/uploading

Hello all,

is there someone willing to give me a hand uploading my packages?
Since I moved to Las Cruces, NM a while ago, I haven't had
access to a computer of my own. I've updated my packages using
the project's machines, but I can't really check if everything works.

So I'm looking for someone who can
  * build my packages on a woody machine
    (I've build them on one of the project's machines running sid -
    this goes smoothly and there are no lintian errors. Simply
    "dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot" should do it.)

  * check if installing/deinstalling indeed works
    (I haven't been able to check this at all. I haven't changed
    anything in the Debian bits of the packages, so I don't expect
    any problem here.)

  * upload the compiled packages
    (Well, if everything work and someone sends me a compiled
    i386 woody version, I can upload it myself as well.)

The packages are "scid" and "pgn-extract". The .orig.tar.gz's en
.diff.gz's are in ~petervr on klecker. There's a security-related
RC bug against scid (now fixed), so I'd rather not wait until
I've got a machine of my own again.

Peter van Rossum

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