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Re: Darwin Streaming Server

* Vince Mulhollon <vlm@norlight.com> [011031 09:09]:
> don't know what they're teaching in school about recent history now-a-days
> (is the 60's still recent history?), so I'll provide some background:

Actually, you learn about this about 3-6 times (once a year) these days
in any course that relates to the US and runs over the jan-feb months.
Its the Politically Correct(tm) thing to do.  Theres worse things that
they never tought people about, IE: the middle east and some of the
background history would have been nice.  Even if it wasn't a whole
semester, two weeks would have made me better prepared to understand
issues today.  Instead, I had to find out things on my own as I run
through news reports and look up history, etc.

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