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Re: Keeping information on the build system

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Joey Hess wrote:
> This is some pretty nice work. I do have a new worry. That sample output
> is *huge* since it has to list all of essential and so on. I wonder how
> much adding a similar sized file to every package would bloat debian,
> even assuming they get compressed.

Yes.  But I'm wondering how to make that better.  Maybe some
specialized compression algorithm with essential packages names
pre-hashed ?  Hm...  well... forget that one :(

After more though, the idea of making this file an uninstalled part of
the deb, which was suggested earlier, looks bad to me - the info would
be lost for old/short-lifetime packages.

Maybe we could have these infos available in the deb, only in
unstable/testing, and for releases strip them from the debs and
collect everything in one place (on the CD, or in a specific package).
But that would imply messing with packages contents :(

Or just put them in /usr/share/debian-buildinfo/, so that users who
absolutely don't want them (eg. on all nodes of a cluster, or on
identical embedded devices, where only one copy is enough) can get rid
of them if needed.

IMHO, if we want to improve reliability, we have to do something at
least.  After all, there are many other OS's that keep miscellaneous
adminstrative infos around for various purposes (not an excuse, but

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