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Re: Debian conference 2 / LSM 2002

On Monday 15 October 2001 19:50, Roland Bauerschmidt wrote:
> Andreas Schuldei wrote:
> > Can we perhaps agree on a deadline untill some decision must be
> > reached? The idear was to organize this in the US or South
> > America next year. But if no one starts to work on it anytime
> > soon there, perhaps it should take place in Europe again next
> > year, if someone there can/will organize it.
> >
> > Better again in Europe then not at all...
> How about Stockholm? :)

You sort of bite youself in the foot with that one, since most people would 
need to change planes in either Amsterdam, Frankfurt or Copenhagen inorder to 
get to Stockholm. So why not there instead? They are all more than twice the 
size and triple the convinience.


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