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Re: Debian conference 2 / LSM 2002

On Tue, 16 Oct 2001, Joe Drew wrote:

> I'm willing to assist or lead in organizing a conference in Toronto, but
Seems me to be the most constructive posting in the large thread regarding
to the result we want to see.

> I'd need help from people who know what sort of things are necessary for
> a successful conference.
However, I think we really need an event to drop in as additional topic
like it was the case in Bordeaux.  It was a nice trick to make a Debian
conference possible at all.  To organize a conference you need
  1. staff
  2. room (prefered with net connections)
Debian has neither of both and not enough money to pay for both.  Droping
in into an event as additional topic shares this effort.  The organizers
do not have much more work for an additional topic but they profit from
interested people which might attend their conference because the Debian
people are there.  Kind of a symbiosis.

Keeping this in mind we at first have to check if there is an event which
would let us drop in and organizers are willing to support us.  Currently
I see only one item at the list of those events:

     1. LSM (Bordeaux)

I would really love to see more items on this list to choose from, but
adding just cities we would like to travel to is not enough.  Please
at the event first and the location in brackets.

Kind regards


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