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Re: debian-wisdom

%% dman <dsh8290@rit.edu> writes:

  d> | > | one last thing: the list is of course archived:
  d> | > |   http://lists.madduck.net/pipermail/debian-wisdom/
  d> | > 
  d> | > Any reason for using mailman for the list but pipermail for the
  d> | > archives?  IMO mailman makes really nice archives.
  d> | 
  d> | i donnu. this is what happened when i installed the package. how would
  d> | i not use pipermail, but mailman instead?

  d> I've already been corrected in that pipermail is how mailman
  d> creates archives.  With some other lists I've seen
  d> .../pipermail/... archives that didn't look good, but others that I
  d> presume were created by mailman since it managed the list that did.

The ones that "looked good" probably were _not_ using pipermail.  There
are a number of mail archiving tools and many mail admins choose to use
a different one than the default Mailman archiver (which is pipermail).

Pipermail is fine (better than some other archivers I've seen) but it
has no support for MIME, etc., which can be a real problem depending on
your users.

Unfortunately, how to do this is not well-documented at the Mailman site
as far as I can tell.  There are some people who have posted information
on using MHonarc, etc. to the Mailman mailing lists, but nothing
official that I've seen.

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