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Re: squid cache

On Sat, 13 Oct 2001 01:43, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> So in the default mode of operation, the "min" parameter never comes
> into play unless the Last-Modified header is absent.
> For a while, I was using a huge "percent" parameter to cause it to
> always bypass that check, and use the "min" age:
> refresh_pattern         Packages\.gz$   1440    1000%   1440
> refresh_pattern         Sources\.gz$    1440    1000%   1440
> refresh_pattern         \.orig.tar.gz$  43200   1000%   43200
> refresh_pattern         \.deb$          43200   1000%   43200
> refresh_pattern         \.dsc$          43200   1000%   43200
> This has worked well in the past, but recently I've traded one ugliness
> for another, and I'm violating the RFC using override-lastmod:

That shouldn't be necessary though.  Squid tells the web server to only 
deliver the document if it's newer than a cached copy.  For .deb files that 
should never happen and override-lastmod should only prevent that check 
saving 500 bytes of transfer but having no impact on the 1M file transfer.

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