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I am an investor from Angola currently in Togo. A west Africa, country.
because of the civil war in my country, I wish to invest in a country
with political stability, reliable, dependable infrastructure and security
of life and property. I got your contact from my country's business directory.

It may interest you to know that I am ready and willing to invest the
sum of $30 Million US$ into your company or any good and profitable business
that you may suggest. This amount was "willed" to my children and me
by my late husband. I am willing to invest in a company with potentials
for growth and stability inlcuding your company if your byelaws allows
for foreign investors.

I will be very happy if this enquiry receives urgent attention. you should
mail your acceptance by sending to me your personal and company profile
as I will also send to you all required information about myself and
the help that I need from you about my investment plans.

You can also contact me on this address....Hoping for a very successful
business relationship with you. Please send me your telephone and fax

Best regards.


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