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Is apt-proxy dead?

	First, sorry if this is the wrong list for this, please point me to the
right one if I'm wrong.

	Is apt-proxy dead? There are "important" bugs 342 days old (#76113),
annoying issues reported 317 days ago (#96517, more often than not it
stalls after retrieving 99% of a file) and a weird "New upstream version
available" report (ain't it a debian-only package?).

	I'd give it a look, if it weren't a sh mess. I'm pretty sure I'm not
the only one who has considered rewriting it in perl. Does anyone have
any info on its current status, if a perl rewrite was ever considered,

	Despite all this problems, it very very useful for networks of debian
boxes, but it could be much more useful if these problems were solved...

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