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Re: libguile9 not in testing?

On Wed, 10 Oct 2001, Hamish Moffatt wrote:

> libguile9 is only in unstable, and not in testing.
> libguile9 is built by guile-core. guile-core has some
> missing dependencies, but only on packages it provides
> it seems, so that looks OK. And libguile9 seems to be
> available on all platforms.
> So why isn't libguile9 in testing? It's holding up a lot of
> stuff. The gEDA packages in testing are the potato ones,
> which are now a two year old snapshot!

One reason is that scwm doesn't compile with the new guile and therefore
always has a dependency on libguile6. This means that upgrading guile-core
would make scwm uninstallable on many architectures in testing - and
testing doesn't accept it when the number of uninstallable packages

> thanks,
> Hamish



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