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SDL overhaul status report

Please test the "overhauled" SDL packages.  I have received permission
to NMU from the maintainers of the packages I intend to NMU (though Joe
Drew, smpeg maintainer, and I are still working out the details).

N.B., I had to build against the version of automake in testing

The 5 source packages are:


I also have prepared a few non-library packages built against the above,
while they have the form of an NMU, I don't intend to upload these
unless the package maintainers ask me to.


These packages are currently available for i386.  They should work as
well as they did before.  If they do not, please contact me ASAP.  It
might be a good idea to reply to this list.

I'll be prepping packages for other arches soon.

You can find the packages at <http://people.debian.org/~branden/woody>.

Package maintainers, please examine these packages and let me know if
you have any concerns.  The .changes files are a pretty comprehensive
record of the changes I made.

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