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dh_* programs

It seems that lately several packages have begun including programs
named dh_*. I just want to remind anyone who is considering doing that
or who already maintains such a package of the debhelper programming
guidelines, /usr/doc/debhelper/PROGRAMMING.gz. It's important that every
program with a name begininning with dh_[1] behave in a very consistent
way with what's outlined in those guidelines, as this makes the learning
curve *much* shallower, and prevents much accidental shooting of feet.

I've had a brief look at the extra-debhelper dh_* commands, and had to
file bugs on a couple of them that should not be debhelper commands at
all, or that were written with complete disregard to the guidelines.
Others do a decent job of complying with the guidlines, and I don't mind
packages providing them, as long as they're very special-purpose things
that don't belong in debhelper.

see shy jo

[1] With the historical exception of dh_make.

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