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Re: FYI: intent to NMU to fix SDL + static X extension library problem

#include <hallo.h>

Just quoting what I allready said on IRC...

Branden Robinson wrote on Fri Oct 05, 2001 um 03:14:02PM:

> 1) Some of the X extension libraries (namely libXxf86dga, libXxf86vm,
> and libXv) are available only as static libraries.  This is because
> XFree86 wants these libraries available only in static form, and our

Yes, it's a great pity that we cannot do much about that.

> 3) The sdl-config program in the libsdl1.2-dev package outputs
> "-lXxf86dga -lXxf86vm -lXv" when called with the "--libs" option on the
> aforementioned architectures (but not, e.g., on i386).  This is half of
> an erroneous attempt to fix a bug reported against the SDL library[2]
> involving the above two libraries.

My Allegro library package is very similar to SDL (pure C,
crossplattform, The Better SDL [tm] ;) and I faced with this problem a
while ago.

> 1) I have added a "--library-libs" option to sdl-config.  "--libs" now
> issues the same output it used to (including the static X extension
> libraries), and issues the same output on all architectures.

Fortunately, the upstream authors implemented a
plugin interface system. So I have different plugins for Xlib drawing
(native X routines, that plugin is not affected by the non-PIC problem),
DGA plugin, DGA2 plugin (and SVGALIB). Since it was the main goal to
achieve binary independency from the existing environment, that
applications don't include any code except of the core liballegro. For
this reason, I won't start linking the static DGA libraries into the
application themselves. Sorry for the users of affected plattforms which
have to live with the slower Xlib drawing plugin, but I am not willing
fall in compatibility traps just because of a publind decission of the
Xfree86 project. It's better to wait and get working shared libraries,
sooner or later. Whoever starts using/programing with Allegro, don't
file "important" bugs on this issue, I will downgrade them all.

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