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Re: grisu and DDTS

On Thu, Oct 04, 2001 at 09:19:37PM -0500, Adam Heath wrote:
> On Fri, 5 Oct 2001, Michael Bramer wrote:
> > you must only use a translated Packages file and you can use the
> > translated descriptions.
> >
> > maybe you add one of this lines in your apt source lists:
> >  deb http://gluck.debian.org/~grisu/ddtp/aptable de/woody main
> >  deb http://gluck.debian.org/~grisu/ddtp/aptable de/sid main
> >  deb http://gluck.debian.org/~grisu/ddtp/aptable woody main
> dpkg and apt will only show one description of a package.  Not everyone on a
> machine reads the same language.

right. I say: This is a hack. please read it, I say a hack.

But normal you have only one or few admins and this admins speaking
the same languages.

> It's nice that you are doing the storing of these translations, but if the
> admin of a system limits the descriptions that dpkg has stored, I would be
> none too happy with the admin.

and yes, if you use description with dpkg (like dpkg -l) you see the
english description. (because this is not a solution and only a hack).

 The description are importent _befor_ you install a package, and you
 will use dselect, gnome-apt or only apt-cache and in all this
 programs you will see the translation. 

 and I know german debian distributers, who will add the german
 descriptions on the woody cd set. only for your information...

> > not anything. But this mails is about your package. It is a
> > improvement. If you can't use it now, this is your problem. Like
> > other wishlist bugs...
> "If I can't use it now, it is my problem."  How can I use it?  You are saying
> I have a choice in whether I use a translated description.  However, there is
> no choice, as dpkg and apt do not support it.

with a changed source.list all apt programs support tranlated
descriptions and maybe we will get real suppport.

If you realy ask 'How can I use it?'
make this: 
 mv /etc/apt/source.list /etc/apt/source.list.old
 echo "deb http://gluck.debian.org/~grisu/ddtp/aptable de/sid main" > /etc/apt/source.list
 apt-get update
and start apt-cache bash or gnome-apt or use 'apt-cache search bilder'

after this all make 
 mv /etc/apt/source.list.old /etc/apt/source.list
 apt-get update

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