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Re: Conference in Porto, Portugal

On Thu, Oct 04, 2001 at 10:47:56AM +0100, Ruben Leote Mendes wrote:
> > LWN told me that there's another conference coming up in Portugal.
> > Maybe some Debian people are interested in attending and/or representing
> > Debian there.
> Jaime Villate ( villate@debian.org ) is part of the organization comittee
> so Debian will be represented for sure.

That's true, I'm one of the organizers. We are going to have some Debian
presence in our University's booth; I can also set up a booth for Debian; if
anyone with more experience in the field can give me some tips (jfs?), I'd
appreciate it.
Also, if any debianer feel's like stopping by, please do (I'm sorry for giving
you such a short notice).

Briefly,  "Oporto Techonological City" is a Free Software expo/ conference
open to the public.
The logistics of the event is organized by the city-hall; our local users
group takes care of planning an organization. Some members of the Portuguese
government will attend and we will hold a press conference. International
guests include Bradley Kuhn (FSF) and Loïc Dachary (FSF-Europe).


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