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Re: The Design Of The UNIX Operating System, Bach

In article <[🔎] 3BBA279E.679959B8@Fluence.com>,
Russell Zauner  <Russell_Zauner@fluence.com> wrote:
>I'm a student, so bear with me if this is an obvious
>question.  I didn't see anything that resolved it in the faq
>and some web searching, so I'm asking.  This text has been
>referred to me by many UNIX developers that I have worked
>with as one of the definitive resources in their education,
>especially essential if you are going to write drivers.  Is
>it as valuable in the Linux environment?  I suppose it
>basically boils down to how different, really, is UNIX from

It's a good book for theory. But it won't tell you how to write
device drivers for Linux, Windows or Amiga as they all don't
use a Unix(TM) kernel.

However O'Reilly has a book on Linux device drivers, and it
has even been updated for 2.4:


Also interesting:

And ofcourse:

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