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Re: Should depmod ignore modules ending in .old?

Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> Previously Agust?n Mart?n Domingo wrote:
> > Can I manage to make depmod ignore that diverted modules, or should I
> > file a bug against modutils?
> You need to divert them to someplace outside of /lib/modules, 
> or convince Keith Owens to change depmod behaviour. 

Simply changing sorting method to sort by file name below each kernel
modules dir, without paths, would suffice. The same adding an ignore
option for /etc/modules.conf. May be I will write him about this ...
some day.

>I don't intend to make Debian depmod behave differently from upstream.

I understand. 

Unless a standard location exists for module diversions, I will try 
not to add new dirs, but installing the ftape modules with the same 
structure as the 2.4 kernels do if compiled for 2.4 kernels. 
That way every .o.old kernel will be always after their .o counterpart 
and there will be no bad interactions.



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