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dpkg-scanpackages and more than one arch

  Hi all!
 I'm trying to setup local deb repository and include there both sources
and binary debs for i386 and powerpc archs.
 I've created dir structure like this:
| |-sid
|   |-source
|   |-binary-powerpc
|   |-binary-i286

 pool/main/t/test contains test_0.1-1.diff.gz
 when i run dpkg-scanpackages i get this:

! Package ekg (filename pool/main/t/test/test_0.1_1_i386.deb) is repeat;
  ignored that one and using data from pool/main/t/test/test_0.1-1_powerpc.deb !
!! Package test has `Section: net', but file is in `t/test' !!

 How can i create Packages for binary-powerpc and binary-i386 ?
 (i just searched ML archives and found refs to apt-ftparchive but this
also doesn't solve this problems <<or i just can't see how should i do

 Thanks for help

 Robert Ramiega | jedi@plukwa.net  IRC: _Jedi_ | Do not underestimate 
 UIN: 13201047  | http://www.plukwa.net/       | the power of  Source

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