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Re: A language by any other name

On Friday 28 September 2001 12:55, Radovan Garabik wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 27, 2001 at 10:50:57PM -0500, David Starner wrote:
> > You know, this whole thing is really pointless. Just because English is a
> > language like most others and has more than one dialect, doesn't mean
> > that
> How does norwegian deal with this? Nynorsk and Bookmal are
> more apart then en_GB and en_US, and I have not noticed any flames
> about what should "Norwegian" alias stand for.
Well that battle was lost when they named it since nynorsk is bokmål and 
means new-norwegian. (Although it is not new and closer to being geniune 
norwegian since bokmål in fact is a dialect of danish with it's own army)

> > one is suddenly "the" English and some other isn't. That's not the way
> > languages work. Fix gdm, realize that adding an English alias would be
> > pointless and controversal, and let the thread die.
We should strive for consistency! 
Should we then also remove spanish from meaning spanish in spain and 
portugees from meaning portugees in portugal?

But I must admit this thread properbly wont end in peace.. 

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