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Should depmod ignore modules ending in .old?

Hi all,

I am doing some work on the ftape packages since current maintainer
seems to be MIA. One of the bugs I reported was that ftape-source did
not compile against 2.4.x kernels. I have done some work with recent
developments snapshot, with a diversion generation mechanism able to
generate different diversions depending on the 2.2 or 2.4 kernels, since
ftape module location has changed in 2.4. When installing together with
a kernel with the ftape modules, I found a problem with the diverted
modules and depmod. 

depmod also scans and get results from the diverted .old modules, which
should not be considered at all. That is not a problem with 2.2 kernels
since both  ftape-module and kernel install modules in the same
and .old are always listed after the real modules, but is a problem with
where the modules location in kernel has changed, and some .old modules
can be read before the real modules, causing a mess, with even mixed
dependencies between .old and real modules. I have tried with .old and
.dpkg-old extensions for the diversions, but unsuccessfully, depmod
scans them. 

Can I manage to make depmod ignore that diverted modules, or should I
file a bug against modutils?


Agustín Martín Domingo, Dpto. de Física, ETS Arquitectura Madrid, 
(U. Politécnica de Madrid)  tel: +34 91-336-6536, Fax: +34 91-336-6554, 
email:agmartin@aq.upm.es, http://corbu.aq.upm.es/~agmartin/welcome.html

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