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lintian releases

Seeing how I made DWN I thought I should send an update.

1.20.15 was admitted in this morning and everyone should get it in today's
upgrade.  It closes around 20 bugs.  1.20.16 was just uploaded due to two bugs
submitted by Eduard Bloch.  Lintian now has two more errors:

a) you declare a relation on a package more than once i.e. Depends: foo, foo
(<< 2.0).  Note this check assumes that '|' relations are sane, so Depends: foo
| bar | baz, foo is ok.

b) UPX binaries are flagged as an error.  It was discussed on irc and lists
several months back that Debian did not want compressed binaries.  The other
reason for this is lintian's previous behaviour was to fall over due to objdump
not giving good error info.

Comments, suggestions, and bugs welcome as always.

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