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Re: Backports and debhelper 3 for potato (was: Tool to generate an override file from packages?)

On Tue, Sep 25, 2001 at 03:14:09PM +0200, Marc Haber <debian-devel.lists.debian.org@marc-haber.de> was heard to say:
> >Seems a lot less than most packages.
> Make that "most packages I happen to backport". I am surely only using
> a small fraction of Debian, because I mostly run servers that don't
> have X or any nifty stuff installed, but I frequently encounter
> packages that need debhelper 3. I am not complaining about this,
> though. It is good to have new stuff developed.

  How many of them actually use debhelper 3 features?  I know I've been
guilty of gratuitously setting DH_COMPAT=3 now and then (and I know
dh_make defaults to it, which doesn't help)

  In at least some cases, changing that to DH_COMPAT=2 and maybe making a
few other small tweaks should get a decent backport.  It looks like the
only v3 features of interest [0] are globbing in config files,
automagic insertion of ldconfig by dh_makeshlibs, and automagic
conffile-tagging by dh_installdeb.  Depending on the package you're
compiling, these might not even matter..


  [0] from debhelper(1)

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