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Re: [Maxima] Future of maxima

On 19 Sep 2001, Camm Maguire wrote:

> Is there any interest in forming a group to continue the development
> and maintenance of maxima?  I for one would certainly be interested in

Definitely. Unfortunately, Maxima is very alien to me. I have been
learning LISP just to work with Maxima, but unfortunately I'm still
very poor in it and even less with Maxima codebase.

For a few months I'll probably be quite busy--until I'll graduate
with MSc in information engineering.

Maybe there could be some central maintainer who would distribute
the list of things-to-do into Maxima mailing list? And then anybody
could reply, "I'll do it", who can do it.

I already made a patch to add GNU readline support and fixed some
problems with build (I think the problems exist with glibc2.06).
These were not accepted, but it's hard to me to improve those.

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