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More "confused about testing" messages

  I was just trying to figure out why libgengameng and heroes aren't being
installed into testing. It seems that the packages (particularly gengameng)
are available on all architectures in the proper version, and depend only on
packages available in testing.  The only clue I could find for gengameng was:

gengameng: alpha: burgerspace

  This seems to say that gengameng would break burgerspace on alpha (which
is true); however, it should be possible to upgrade burgerspace and gengameng
simultaneously on alpha (and any other platform with SDL)  And indeed,
burgerspace is available in unstable on every architecture that supports it
in testing.

  Similarly, the output for the heroes packages (if I am reading it correctly)
only shows interrelationships between the heroes packages themselves -- I
can't see any reason it's not moving into testing.  It's never been in
testing, its dependencies are all available in testing, and it does not
have any RC bugs.

  What am I missing?


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