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Mozilla and spell check

Hello all,

As you can see, I'm writing this with Mozilla 0.9.4, which works great (I did a backport for Potato, went OK, but the mozilla-xmlterm did not like becoming a .deb. For those of you who are interested: get it at <http://olivier.pk.wau.nl/~valentyn/>, Packages.gz available, backports are in debian/potato/binary-i386/)

One thing I'm missing is a spell checker in the composer. I looked around a bit and as far as I can see, the "official" (i.e. non-debian, regular, Mozilla supplied) installer "seems to" incorporate a proprietary spell checker. I'm not sure, I did not check - yet.

Before I start downloading Mozilla 0.9.4, is there maybe someone who tried this before, or are there people that use the non-debianized Mozilla version? Can anyone comment on this?

(Related: I can't get Acroread to work as a plugin, but oh well, that can wait).


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