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[Testing] Install problems


I have installed testing in a chroot last friday.
It was a minimimal install.

I report these problems in hope they will be fixed sooner.

1) The locales package ask me to type ^Z, edit /etc/locale.gen
OK I have done it, but after I type fg, I got a black screen and 
RETURN was broken.
I reentered ^Z and got the shell in a now working terminal, but after
typing fg again, I revert to the broken one.  So I restart dselect.

2) vi is not working. in fact the situation is

/bin/vi is a wrapper that try /usr/bin/vi or /bin/elvis-tiny
/bin/elvis-tiny and /usr/bin/vi are symlink to /etc/alternatives/vi
/etc/alternatives/vi is a symlink to /bin/elvis-tiny

Please note nvi is installed.

Maybe the first problem is due to the chroot environment.
Anyone can confirm/infirm it under a plain install ?

Best regards,


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