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Re: New update_excuses output

On Sat 15 Sep 2001, Simon Richter wrote:

> > Would it be possible to also offer a compressed version of these files
> > (update_excuses.html, update_output.txt, etc)? Most browsers can handle
> > uncompressing these on the fly and it makes accessing these lists MUCH
> > faster. As a porter I often use update_excuses for tracking down
> > packages that are out of date (on alpha) for longer than normal (usually
> > indicating a problem that can't be handled by the build daemon), and
> > hence look at that list quite regularly.
> It may also be an idea to generate per-arch excuses files.

I also look at the info about other arches sometimes; e.g. if a package
is out of date for alpha, but also for most other arches, I figure it's
the responsibility of the package's maintainer to get it in working
order, as there's abviously something wrong in general with it. If it's
only alpha (or maybe one other arch), then it's probable that it's an
alpha-specific thing that I may be solve quickly (having seen the same
problem in other packages, perhaps...)

So I find the current output OK, and the compressed version works nicely
now; thanks, AJ, for the quick fix :-)

Paul Slootman

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