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Re: proposal for an Apache (web server) task force

Martin F Krafft (madduck@madduck.net) wrote:
> also sprach Ardo van Rangelrooij (on Thu, 13 Sep 2001 08:42:44AM)
> > I would like to propose to form an Apache (web server) task force to
> > maintain the Apache packages currently maintained by Johnie Ingram
> > (netgod) (and potentially related packages if the need arises).
> count me in.


There are a couple of things we can start with:

 - filing a request for the mailing list
 - putting together a web page similar to that of the X Strike Force
   with a link to the packages and their bug lists, a todo list, etc.
 - an NMU of the packages with an Uploaders field in the control file
   (see the thread about multiple maintainers per package on this list)
 - setting up a CVS archive somewhere 

If I interpret all the responses correctly there're four people on the
task force.  I propose we all go over the bug list and make an inventory
in terms of difficulty to solve.  That should give us a better idea of
the status and how much we can do before the freeze.

> > I also propose to set up a mailing list for this.
> i can give you one easily. applying at lists.debian.org takes ages!
> how about apache-crew@pantsfullofunix.net :)
> martin;              (greetings from the heart of the sun.)
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Well, I would prefer a debian mailing list since it's rather debian
related but thanks anyway for the offer.  Until the list is created
we can use debian-devel I guess.

Ardo van Rangelrooij
home email: ardo@debian.org
home page:  http://people.debian.org/~ardo
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