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Orphaning all packages

I'm about to take an extended vacation from being a Debian developer,
and will therefore have to orphan all my packages; list with
descriptions below. I suspect that not very many people actually use
these packages (if you do, now is a good time to speak up). Therefore,
if I can't find new maintainers, I'll ask for their removal. The most
popular package is probably sysadmin-guide, but I'm ambivalent whether
it's a good idea to have it packaged anyway.

These packages have three open bugs, of which one is a wishlist bug:

#92294: sysadmin-guide; Missing Build-Depends-Indep 
#99605: publib-dev: Missing symlinks for some man pages 
#67608: syslog-summary: please summarize "least message rpeated x times"
	and dont ignore it 

(These are all fairly old by now; my inability to get the time and
energy to fix them is one of the reasons I want to have a vacation from
Debian - all the energy I feel I can put into Debian is spent reading
mailing lists.)

I will happily continue to be the upstream of these packages (except
sysadmin-guide, which really needs a new upstream as well). I will also
help fix packaging related bugs, if necessary.

If you wish to adopt one or more of these packages, please mail me
within September. (Private mail would be preferred, no need to burden
the list with a huge flood of ITAs.) After that, I'll ask for the
removal of the remaining packages. Thanks.

Package: liwc
Description: Tools for manipulating C source code
 Includes programs for converting C++ comments to C comments,
 removing C comments, print out string literals, and converting
 characters to trigraphs and trigraphs to characters.

Package: publib-dev
Description: C function library
 Publib is a library of C functions for various purposes. It has
 been written so that it is easy to extend. It's build tools can
 easily be used for other libraries, but that isn't relevant for
 the Debian pre-packaged version.
 The library contains functions for memory allocation, bit arrays,
 configuration files, comparing standard C types for qsort and
 bsearch, error messages, expression parsing and evaluation,
 filenames, hash tables, integer sets, log files, the Linux Software
 Map, NNTP, priority queues, normal queues, editor buffers, stacks,
 and strings.

Package: sex
Description: Simple editor for X
 The Simple editor for X (SeX) is a relatively small, simple, not too
 slow editor for X. It has no text mode user interface. It doesn't have
 very many features. The primary attraction is the mouse language, which
 is almost identical to xterm's, but clicking the middle mouse button
 inside a selection cuts it instead of pasting it.
 SeX is still under development, and is known to be buggy.

Package: sysadmin-guide
Description: The Linux System Administrators' Guide
 The Linux System Administrators' Guide from the Linux Documentation
Project. Aimed at novice system administrators.

Package: syslog-summary
Description: Summarize the contents of a syslog log file.
 This program summarizes the contents of a log file written by syslog,
 by displaying each unique (except for the time) line once, and also
 the number of times such a line occurs in the input. The lines are
 displayed in the order they occur in the input.

Lars Wirzenius <liw@iki.fi>

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