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Re: build daemon architectures

On Mon, Sep 10, 2001 at 09:59:27AM -0400, Sam Hartman wrote:
> >>>>> "Randolph" == Randolph Chung <tausq@debian.org> writes:
>     >> The Automatic Package Building System page[1] lists the build
>     >> daemons with web pages.  It does not list those without,
>     >> however.  Since my latest libcdaudio packages are considered
>     >> out of date on i386, I was wondering if a build daemon exists
>     >> for that architecture.  If you know of a build daemon for an
>     >> architecture other than arm, m68k, powerpc, or sparc (even if
>     >> it doesn't have a
>     Randolph> i386, mips, mipsel, ia64, hppa, alpha, s390 all have
>     Randolph> autobuilders.
> IT would be nice if we could also list which of those have non-us
> autobuilders.

I'd be happy to, if someone would let me know which those are.


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