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Re: Clueless bug reports from autobuilders.

Martin Schulze <joey@kyllikki.infodrom.north.de> immo vero scripsit

I was feeling really unwell when I have sent the original mail,
but I will justify what I have written.

> > I am getting more of these bug reports from autobuilders, and I would like
> > to suggest this.
> Umh.  When the auto-builders came up thiese kind of bug reports were not
> appreciated and the porters didn't report them, they (espcially Roman, many
> thanks) reported proper reports, which often did include fixes to the problem
> when the bug was due to the code being too ia32-centric.
> Did this change when more buildd went active?


Recently, I am seeing that the quality of bug reports is getting lower,
from, presumably, people who are new to this.

See #111555, and tell me if you would think that the bugreport 
was helpful at all, apart from making me realize that there was a 

> > Many just send me a bug log, and that doesn't really tell me much,
> > because it lacks the following information :
> > 
> > o what was the last version of the software that DID compile 
> >   and build.
> call ``madison package'' on auric.

It needs a shell access. I don't always have shell access to auric.


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