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Re: Bug #111652

Brandon L. Griffith wrote:
> I know this person, and have tried to help him on this issue. I
> created an account on my machine named "echo" and attempted to
> subscribe to several debian mailing lists using that name. I never
> got a response back on any of them. I then created an account called
> test, and was able to subscribe fine.  I'm sending this email out in
> order to bring this issue to everyones attention in hopes that maybe
> someone other than the list maintainer(s) have seen this before and
> are able to give some advice.

Advice: Use another email address other than "echo".

The lists at lists.debian.org are managed by SmartList, and it rejects
the "echo" address. In the file rc.submit I see the following:

# The following recipe makes sure that:
#       The mail has a sane size (i.e. it is not inordinately big)
#       It does not look like an administrative request.
#       It wasn't sent by this list itself.
#       It wasn't sent by a daemon (misdirected bounce message perhaps).

* < $size_limit
* !$^($X_COMMAND:|X-Loop: $\listaddr)
* ! B ?? $^^$X_COMMAND:
* $$daemon_bias
* -100^0 ^FROM_MAILER|\
         ^(((Resent-)?(From|Sender)|X-Envelope-From):|>?From )\
          )(([^).!:a-z0-9][-_a-z0-9]*)?[%@>      ][^<)]*(\(.*\).*)?)?$([^>]|$)
* 1^0

As you can see, there is a regular expression that catches "echo" as
an invalid email address. Most probably this is to prevent mail loops,
so I would recommend not to change it.

This is a feature more than a bug.

Just use another address.

Hope this helps.

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