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Re: A script to see how much a package is depended upon.

Marcus Brinkmann <Marcus.Brinkmann@ruhr-uni-bochum.de> immo vero scripsit

> > As I anticipated, it has a lot of "loops", and it is going in ridiculous
> > values. These things should have had trouble when porting to new arches,
> Hell, they did!  It took ages to become somewhat self-contained Debian wise.
> One problem is that all features are enabled and as such become mandatory.
> Removing loops is easy.  Just keep a list of all nodes visited, and don't
> follow any twice.

Yes, that's what I did.

Looking quickly at why I had this, I have a need to remove those things
which are related to documentation, to get a reasonable value.

Many number of package which depend on tetex/sgml-base/texinfo
to build documentation is depended upon (eventually) by 

Becayse many libs come with documentation in texinfo, etc.
This is probably the main reason people need to cross-compile,
because initially there is no native text-compilers, 
because there is no native library available, because 
there is not native ... whatever.


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