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ANother library problem: autobuilder for i386?

I just had to recompile balsa to make it installable again, after
another of these volatile gnome libraries changed soname on me in sid.

It was just a simple recompile, no source changes except the
changelog. Of course, it's going to trigger recompiles on all the
other architectures.  And some of these may even be unnecessary, since 
the other architectures may have happened to do their recompiles
*after* the new libraries were installed.

Which made me think:

It would be really cunning if there was an i386 autobuilder to do that 
for me, so I didn't have to waste bandwidth (and a version bump) on a
version which isn't actually different.

In principle, at least, there could be something which checked whether 
a recent sid install had rendered any other packages uninstallable (as 
the install of libgtkhtml15, which purged libgtkhtml14, had rendered
balsa uninstallable). If so, it could attempt to auto-build it.  If
the auto-build didn't go through it could email the maintainer, file a 
bug, whatever.

More extremely, it could trigger a rebuild whenever a source
dependency increased its version (since the new version of the source
dependency is what any *user* would get trying to compile from


As an afternote: Yes, I know that my particular problem wouldn't
happen if the gnome library maintainers did the 'oldlibs' trick
keeping old libraries around.  But I think it's fairly well accepted
that that's not desirable at this stage of rapid development.


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