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Re: What is debian.net used for?

Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh@debian.org> writes:

> No. It has Debian's name in the URI, so it must not be used for anything
> that would reflect badly on Debian...  Obviously, I do not mean your
> mother-in-law's homepage or your trainspotter (what is a trainspotter?)
> would refect badly on Debian, since I've never seen them ;)

Maybe it comes down to common sence?  But I'd prefer to know what more
people think.  Maybe I should go for a precedent and set up this
trainspotter site?

BTW, trainspotters gather at stations and take notes on times for
departure and arrival as well as what kind of trains there are at what
routes.  Is far as I know that is, a have no first hand knowledge.  It
was just a subject very distinct from free software.

> And mixing warez and Debian will get you a one way express ticked out of the
> project, real fast. It's the one precedent we have for swiftly kicking
> someone out of the project :P

It'd better be.


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