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Re: reopening ECN bugreport/netbase

On 05-Sep-01, 18:14 (CDT), "Neil T. Spring" <nspring@cs.washington.edu> wrote: 
> 2. A configuration option, when you know concensus on this
> list is that there will be none; and that the default will
> be on.

No, I don't think that's the concensus. I agree that the kernel package
can't change another packages conffile, but that doesn't mean the issue
cannot be worked around

> Debian users who have broken equipment will just have to
> be clueful enough to disable ECN if they find that their
> router violates RFC 791.  Help them have a clue.

The problem is not Debian user's with broken equipment. The problem is
that if any router between them and the target system is broken, they
get screwed. What do you suggest they do? And before you say "contack the
admin of the broken router", I suggest you try to

a) find out who is responsible for an arbitrary router.
b) find out how to contact said person.
c) find out how far you get when you, internet newbie, try to tell them
their equipment is broken.

It's simply not a realistic answer for most people (i.e. those without
existing contacts or a sufficiently high position/reputation.)


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