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Re: sysctl should disable ECN by default

Dans un message du 05 sep à 17:30, T.Pospisek's MailLists écrivait :
> The question is only if devices should be programmed in order to know
> the future and it's potential proposed stadards by the IETF. Mind you I
> don't know if the devices in question (websites, routers etc. droping ECN
> packets) *are* violating a standard that was current at *their* time. The
> routers in particular I think *are* wrong, since they are making decisions
> based on bits that at that time were reserved.

It is not a good debate. Devices can be upgraded. Net admins should do
their job.

> With ECN set, Debian's default is to plain *refuse* to talk to all
> equipment which, for whatever reason has problems with ECN.

Debian default does not refuse to talk, it is the broken
routers/firewalls which do.

Should we stop progress because admins do not their job. I do not think

Guillaume Morin <guillaume@morinfr.org>

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