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Re: sysctl should disable ECN by default

On Wed, 5 Sep 2001, Guillaume Morin wrote:

> Dans un message du 05 sep à 14:37, Florian Weimer écrivait :
> > From a technical behavior, throwing away packets with unknown protocol
> > flags is perfectly acceptable in any case and even reasonable in some
> > environments.
> I would not call reasonable dropping packets carrying bits of a protocol
> rated as Proposed Standard by IETF.

The question is only if devices should be programmed in order to know
the future and it's potential proposed stadards by the IETF. Mind you I
don't know if the devices in question (websites, routers etc. droping ECN
packets) *are* violating a standard that was current at *their* time. The
routers in particular I think *are* wrong, since they are making decisions
based on bits that at that time were reserved.

But tell me, in case there's an IMAP client that has some problems with
the IMAP protocol. Should a Debian box by default *refuse* to talk
to it or should the default be to try to talk to it (provided that it

With ECN set, Debian's default is to plain *refuse* to talk to all
equipment which, for whatever reason has problems with ECN.


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