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I just thought about trying cups on my home system but either I haven't
found the correct way to configure it yet or it simply does not configure
itself well enough IMO. I'm used to lpr(ng) with magicfilter. All I have to
do is answer some question and I have a system up and running that prints
everything I need. Now I installed some cups packages and have no printer.

I wanted to install DeskJet_670C-cdj670.ppd or DeskJet_670C-pcl3.ppd from
cupsomatic-ppd but just got a

lpadmin: add-printer failed: The requested resource was not found on this server.

Anyway, there does not seem to be much documentation and the web interface
on port 631 gives some error messages resp. tells me that the resource is
not available.

Trying to print a test page I get postscript code listed.

It seems to me that I missed something but what? I have installed all
dependencies so that should not be the problem. 

Is there any howto available? Is there a reason why the package does not
configure itself to the point where a user can use his printer? Finally, are
there better printer systems available?


Michael Meskes
Go SF 49ers! Go Rhein Fire!
Use Debian GNU/Linux! Use PostgreSQL!

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