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Re: RFC: Signed packages and translations

#include <hallo.h>
Richard Atterer wrote on Sat Sep 01, 2001 um 10:53:15PM:

> If we distribute translations separately, we lose an important
> property of source packages; that *all* the data related to a package
> can be found in *one* place. If some data for a package can be found
> here, other data there, the concept of a "package" soon gets very
> blurred. I can't really list any practical disadvantages of this, but
> it just feels wrong!

Yes, you cannot. Other people tried and the number of disadvantages was
not enough. Why don't you realise the reality? There are many lazy
maintainers, ignoring the translations, OTOH it doesn't make much sense
to rebuild and upload a package every time when a new translation came
in, or existing one has been improved. You may claim all data which
comes in touch with your package to belong to it, but this opinion is
not really practical.

Also problematic is the idea of packaging all the translations into one
package. This would never be up-to-date, and more frequent updates are
not nice. I prefer a solution similar to the current system in ddts.
This could be included in the current FTP archive, in the subdirectories
for each language as proposed by Grisu before.


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