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ALERT: XFree86 4.1.0-3 maintainer scripts hosed; please wait for 4.1.0-4

Folks might want to wait for 4.1.0-4.  I'm preparing it now.

Several bugs have already been filed; no one needs to add to them.  The
problem is understood, and the fix has been written and tested.

If you already have 4.1.0-3 installed successfully, there is nothing to
worry about.

Data points:
* the problem is in the preinst and postinst scripts of several of the
  packages, including ones that almost everyone has installed
* if your /bin/sh is ash, you will likely have this problem
* if your filesystem is screwed up so that my check_symlinks_and_bomb()
  shell function needs to call analyze_path(), you will have this
  problem no matter what your shell script interpreter is

I apologize for the screwup.  My own system met neither of the above
criteria, so I did not detect the problem when testing my packages.

Here's the changelog entry, for the morbidly curious:

  * debian/shell-lib.sh:
    - fix grievous typo in analyze_path (Closes: #110630)
    - also made analyze_path() more helpful (thanks, Andrew Suffield)

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