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/usr/dict/ -> /usr/share/dict/ request (bug #110632)

Hi all,

A user has filed a wishlist bug against (potato) wenglish because the
(slink) symlink from /usr/dict/words is now a symlink from
/usr/share/dict/words, per FHS.  This user would like /usr/dict/words 
reinstated as a symlink to the user's preferred word list.

He claims, not unreasonably, that old scripts and users expect
to find /usr/dict/words.

I imagine if we do that we should do the same for other packages that
place files or symlinks in /usr/share/dict/.

So, do you think we should do for /usr/dict/...  something like what
we did so long ago for /usr/doc/... ?

I notice that when released slink and started planning potato, the
recommendation was that we drop /usr/dict and /usr/share/dict
altogether --
-- (at least that's what it sounds like now), but there was very
little discussion about it.

What do you think?

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