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Re: adduser rewrite

> <quoting #debian-devel>
> <robster> lets dump perl and use python
> * ocsi wish that python would burn in the hell
> * mhp beats up robster 
> <roland> Omnic: but I wouldn't want to maintain that shell script
> <Omnic> roland: feh. I would :P and I will if you go and rewrite in
> python :>
> </quoting #debian-devel>

What a horrific misquote :)

Python has proved it can be compact, for example you can get python on your
palm powered PDA. Both python and perl have their uses, one is great for old
fashioned linear interpreted scripts, the other is great when you want to
have something a bit more object orientated. One of the key concepts of the
free software movement is the freedom to choose from a vast range of
development languages, and not be forced into using a small number.

I urge Roland to contiue with his development and will aid in any way i can,
and if this version of adduser is superior in terms of features,
maintainabilty, extensibility and it has to be shoved into extra as
adduser-python i will gratefully use it.
Rob 'robster' Bradford
Chief Editor/Lead developer

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