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adduser rewrite

I am in the process of rewriting adduser from scratch in Python... There
is just one little tiny problem I see: adduser is currently priority
important, whereas python-base is only standard. And except that either
one of those packages would need to change its priority or I would have
to create an extra adduser-python package, I just got to know that there
people that are, well, not really favoring python...

<quoting #debian-devel>
<robster> lets dump perl and use python
* ocsi wish that python would burn in the hell
* mhp beats up robster 
<roland> Omnic: but I wouldn't want to maintain that shell script
<Omnic> roland: feh. I would :P and I will if you go and rewrite in
python :>
</quoting #debian-devel>

Any comments?

My local python version of adduser isn't complete yet, and there will be
some design changes, but it is already sort of working. The --nss switch
is implemented, and new NSS methods can simply be dropped in as python
modules. Unix and LDAP NSS modules are already basically working.
Although this is a complete rewrite, the interface will stay the same,
including commandline arguments, configuration file, etc. This is my
first Python project, so it is most certainly not perfect. I'd be great
if somebody could have a look at the code when I think it's "ready for

I'd be glad to accept comments, feature requests, etc.


Roland Bauerschmidt

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