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Re: RFD: translated description with dpkg

On Thu, Aug 30, 2001 at 01:07:56AM +0900, Masato Taruishi wrote:
> > The ddts can provide po files with all translated packages and build
> > own deb packages with this file. I put the first po files on
> > http://auric.debian.org/~grisu/ddts/po/.
> In this way, we can't use add-on l10n catalogs. For example, say a third
> party makes his or her own deb package. Because the translation of the
> package isn't included in ddts's mo package, dpkg can't display its
> translation. It is little evil to include the third party's translation
> in ddts. I have made such a gettext-based translation system of dpkg and
> faced above problem.

You have read the proposal in the whole?

I write: 
!Maybe somebody will now say: "But some users don't get all packages
!from debian project, there are some privat deb archives, Progreny,
!This is not a real problem. We can collect more po files in one dir
!(maybe /var/lib/dpkg/dpkg-desc/<lang>/) and generate one dpkg-desc.mo
!file from this *po-files. 

the 'big' distributors can make a own collection of all translation in
one po file (like /var/lib/dpkg/dpkg-desc/ja/debian-jp.po). 

But also a single package from user joe can include a file in this dir
with (only) one translation...

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