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Re: [PATCH] Mailman solution to Cc:s to users on mailing lists

Ben Gertzfield <che@debian.org> writes:

> This patch is against Mailman CVS and has been sent upstream; it
> allows per-user configuration if they want list duplicates.
> Duplicates will not be sent if the user enables this option in the
> following cases:
> 1) If the user is on multiple mailing lists that are all in the
>    To:/Cc:/etc. fields, they will only get one list copy.
> 2) If the user is specifically mentioned in the To:/Cc:/etc. fields,
>    the list will not send them a copy.
> Anyway, I know the current lists don't use Mailman, but when/if they
> do, it's the right solution.

As far as I can see this won't help for readers who:

 a) read a list via a mail-to-news gateway, or some similar

 b) post from a different address to the one that is subscribed, e.g.
    if using <username>+<suffix> style addresses to aid sorting of


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