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Re: Who is a Debian user?

"traditional" is the right answer. Also, this is a sore thread due to the
amount of time already lost with the same issue; something which you would
have known had you searched the mailing list archives for "traceroute".

I know it - I followed that thread but did not speak up. And my purpose with this thread was primarily not to get this issue "fixed". I thought it would be easier to discuss around this and other issues if everyone agreed upon some kind "target user" that Debian should be developed for. I realize now that there is no such thing, and that such a user will not be defined.

Our time is as valuable as theirs; Actually, more valuable IMHO since our
time produces much more for Debian than the regular user's (there ARE
exceptions, and I acknowledge that), and there are many times more users
than developers. "Can't be bothered to RTFM" is NOT an excuse.

But on the other hand - developers have the power to "fix" something once and it will be fixed for all users. Now - the definition of "fix" seems to differ and I do not want to stir this up further. I will leave it at this.

The next issue I bring up will hopefully be a lot less controversial....


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