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Re: Poosible to hook on dpkg, dselect or apt?

opal@debian.org (Ola Lundqvist) writes:

> I have now tried this and sorry to say but sich a thing does
> not seem to exist in apt. :( There is a Pre-Install-Pkgs but
> no Post-Install-Pkgs. The script is not runned anyway and I
> use:
> DPkg::Post-Install-Pkgs { "/usr/sbin/update-twinspot || true"; };
> Is there anywhing wrong with my line or should I file a whishlist
> bug to apt?
Check out the "apt-localepurge" package.  It contains a file named
"/etc/apt/apt.conf.d/99-apt-localepurge" which probably contains the
mechanism you are looking for:

---------------- snip --------------------------
// Get rid of unneeded locale files after each package installation

Post-Invoke {"if [ -x /usr/sbin/apt-localepurge ]; then /usr/sbin/apt-localepurge; else exit 0; fi";};
---------------- snip --------------------------

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