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Re: Help regarding DPKG System

On Mon, Aug 20, 2001 at 08:55:27AM -0700, Guha Kashyap wrote:
> Manual Attention Requested
> dear sir/ma'am,
>     I am G S Kashyap, Co-ordinator of the True64 Linux User Group. We are currently considering a decision to work on an article regarding the working of the DPKG system and so on behalf of our LUG I would like to request you to please direct me to any sources (pun intended) of information regarding the subject.
>  Some members are also contemplating on initiating on a Unversal Package Management System, which reds both DEB and RPM, so I request you to please direct me / send me a copy of the DPKG system , if possible.
> We will be grateful for any assistance that you may render to our community. 

Source is available from:


(look for the .tar.gz's).

All the docs for dpkg are in the tarball.

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