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new port


I would like to discuss the birth of the new Debian port with you all

the proposed name is  'Debian GNU/win'

it will be a porting, to the Microsoft win32 architecture + Cygnus cygwin,
of many Debian packages (but not all)

this summer I have prepared a cross-build environment, in which I 
have installed
 cygwin GTK gdk glib gdk-pixbuf, libraries and headers;
I could then succesfully cross-compile my program 'gtkmorph'

to start building .debs, I need to discuss a few things with you all

1) I need to patch dpkg to add the new port, and before that 
 I need consensus at least on the name 'Debian GNU/win' that I propose

I have also some ideas 
2) I will use the 'virtual mount' capability of cygwin: then
 the user will freely choose where to install the debian stuff
  (I am currently installing it under d:\debian)
 while the Debian programs will see a regular debian file tree

3) once the .debs for the base system are ready,
 I will prepare an installation program:
 a)  a (console based) tool will ask where the debian stuff should go
      (as 'c:\debian') and will set the virtual mounts
 b) 'debootstrap' (as a standalone tool, using mingw) will 
   install the base system

  it will be possible to put everything on a CD (or on the web)

if some people are willing to collaborate, I would appreciate if
we could be given a space inside .debian.org, to work together
(I am a mantainer)

what do you think?


A Mennucc
 "È un mondo difficile. Che vita intensa!" (Renato Carotone)

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